The conspiracy of distance and time

Ever wonder why things take so much time for you?  It always seems as if things continuously workout quicker for others.  When it comes to you, there is always a waiting period.  It is even less satisfying when you have absolutely no clue about where you are going, where you are headed, and why you are even on this path.  It is the constant struggle between distance and time.  We are told to be patient, that things will work themselves out…as if your problems could think on their own.  WAIT A MINUTE!

That’s why!  If your problems can work themselves out, perhaps this is because they do have a mind of their own.  They emerged from somewhere.  Of course, you had something to do with facilitating their coming to existence.  Yes, you knew  and had the feeling that you should not do this thing, yet you did it anyway.  You get it, you take responsibility for it—but does it have to be this hard?  Isn’t what you are going through enough?  Didn’t you pay enough already?  The mess of being a believer.  WE THINK TOO MUCH.

There is a conspiracy that brings together two things that shouldn’t even relate to one another:  distance and time.  There is a distance between you and the solution…if there’s a solution.  Because, we should always understand that the answer to our prayer may be a lack of an answer.  However, you are in this to win.  You don’t care about what it takes to get to the end.  You know you screwed up, yet you also know that there is this thing.


Then to make things harder on you, there’s another concept called time.  You see, you know that you will get somewhere.  Whether it is bad or good, you’ll get somewhere.  This is not the question; the question is truly ‘when.’  Because when refers to time, and distance of approaching the solution depends on the timeline.  The time, the conspiracy.



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