Private prayer…starts ok, then I screw up

Private prayer:

Lord, thank you for blessing me.  Thank you because your blessings are never small.  Just the fact that I know you are in my life is incredible enough.

Yet Lord, please help me have grace and not get so easily frustrated.  I can be a dick to people; especially those that love me.

Transform my heart, and allow them to have grace with me when I fail.  Allow me to have grace when my own desires lead me to  be an ass to those that surround me.

I know that you listen to prayers; I know that you perform miracles.  I ask you, Lord, to please look at my needs vs my wants.  Whichever you prefer to provide, I will accept humbly.  The things that you do not grant me, I will not take for granted.

Jesus,  I know that you see me and that you love me.  Please guard my heart.


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