The Story of Together

(Read to Song for Rome by Brian Crain)

In her mind there is a fantasy.  A world where all offenses were erased and everyone started new.  She can see a staircase from which people of the past come to see her.  There are smiles and stories shared.  There is laughter, and exchanged smiles are not frozen in time.  In her story, everyone got the opportunity to apologize from the heart.  Transgressions were erased, and there are no scars that are either visible or remembered.

They all come, it is quite the reunion.  There is that staircase; it shines of clean white light.  All of come to gather one more time to be happy, be together.  They have come to write the story of together.

The story starts to be written.  The beginning is beautiful to her.  They are all together, sharing their love for company.  Sharing the good times, and the memories.  Once more, she has them all together for the first time under the same roof.  These are not the missed old days.  These are the good days.  The ones that happened many holidays ago.  When mom and dad cooked delicious dinners in expectation of hope, and new things to come.  Those days are gone, yet the staircase has brought goodness back.

And she wonders as she watches them come down the staircase.  Yes, that beautiful staircase that emits such a wonderful, clean white light.  The air is clean, they are all dressed in pure light or is it white?  She never saw such beauty.

They come in, hug her, tell her that all is well.  They bring their permanent things, and wear a permanent smile that says “I will never leave you.”  There are so many of them, where will they go?  Yet the house expands as far and wide as the staircase.  It can accommodate all.  Because we will never be alone again, we will never be separated.  We will have those good times when mom and dad cooked the foods that brought the neighbors, friends and family to their home.  Back when there were the good days.  The uncomplicated days.

She turns around, the house has expanded from a five bedroom to a comfortable building of apartments.  She cannot quite tell whether these are townhouses, yet it matters not because they are here to stay.  For the upcoming good days.  The forever days.  There is no more pain, suffering, or bad memories.  They are all improved, and this is what she believes heaven shall look like.  They are so glad to see each other.  She is so glad to have them near.  So close that she can touch them.  She no longer imagines the good days, because they have come.  She is relieved.  She can breathe again, deep into the diaphragm.  Down into her soul.  Down into her healed heart.

They have come to write the story of together.


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