Apology Letters / Thank You Letters

I am not sure how or why I came up with this idea; I’m certain that I am not the first person to think of this.  Last night, I was praying and thinking of all the suffering that is currently taking place around the world.  Yes, we’ve had suffering for a while, but I was specifically thinking of the events in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and finally Las Vegas.  It is just a LOT to take in.  So, I thought about writing apology letters to the people that I think, sense, and feel that I have done wrong in the past.  A few years ago, I thought about writing 10 Thank You letters to random people but never did.

I am not suicidal:  although I’ve been there.  These are not goodbye notes; my family needs me okay!  I’m narcissistic enough to say that out loud.  A year ago, I felt different.  Today, I’m in a better spot.  Anyway, join me in reading the good, the bad, and the nasty that I can bring as a human being.  I will say what folks think yet do not articulate.

Cheers and blessings 🙂


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