Apology Letter 1

Hi Shannon,

I never got to properly speak with you after the debacle.  You know you had it coming.  It had been years of abuse and trashing other people.  You were rather liberal with the truth, and it finally caught up with you.  You know?  I used to admire you from afar.  There was something positive about you; a light that I felt you gave away.  I was so wrong about it.  You were a bitch.

Oh, sorry…that doesn’t sound like an apology.  STARTING OVER!

Hi Shannon,

How have you been?  Oh, don’t leave please.  I need to apologize to you.  Its been a bit over a year since we last interacted.  Perhaps I did not understand where you were in your life at that time.  But was it my responsibility?  I, after-all, worked for you.  I remember how you lost all that weight, and started wearing red lipstick.  I remember those weird shoes that you used to wear to work with the prints all over them.  The shoes reminded me of the Mad Hatter’s outfit in Alice (you know, the one played by Johnny Depp).  It was all so strange.  You took that long vacation, and I knew right away that you had potentially had some sort of cosmetic surgery.  Oh, but Shannon…that modification did not help you with your attitude.  You see?  Treating the surface stuff never helps.  You gotta get deep in there, but you never did.

Do you know what we all thought of you?  That you played ‘flavor of the month.’  This referred to how you got every time a new employee joined us.  You were a fan for like 3 months straight…then, it was all over.  It was frustrating.  You were the boss!  I mean, would you play favorite with your kids?

Anyway, I’m so sorry that I had to call the cops on ya.  You cornered me; I was afraid of you.  So powerless.  Shannon, filing racial discrimination complaints is a right that all citizens have.  You mistreated me for my nationality and background; I was cornered and had to do something.  You betrayed my trust; I used to look up to you.

My complaint was not the only thing that got you fired from your job; it was the complaints of so many others.  Yet, we did not all come together as a team.  You played us against each other.  You were bad business.  In the end, your own boss could not wait to see you go.

I am sorry that things did not work out between us.  I apologize.  No, the letter does not resemble an apology letter, yet I had to put my feelings out there.  Shannon, I really hope that you have found God.  I hope that you left all of the fairy and witch stuff go away.  I pray that you have changed.  I also pray that if you did not change, may the Lord set you aside to a place where you cannot damage anybody else.




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