“The ones” and dreams

There’s usually a hard-earned story behind every dream that comes true.  A dream is that one thing that is so completely unbelievable, yet we look for it in almost everything that we do.  If we are not watchful, things can go from dreaming to obsessing.  I am not speaking of social issues that make our hearts stop, our eyes burn, and our courage to surge.  I am speaking of the thing that burns a hole in your heart with desire, with the want, with need, and with hope.  No, not the sexual desire.  The “thing” that makes you look to the horizon with wondering.  The one thing that continues to make you feel small  The reminder of the impossibility that our human capacity holds.  The thing that makes you catch your breath because it is so far away that you can only dream of it.  You can only hope for it.  You can only reach for it, but never touch it.

If I could just…If things were different…If time were on my side, I would…

The truth is that we are never prepared to receive the dream as a reality.  To achieve the dream, is to move it from the ‘want’ to the ‘have.’  Yet, a dream is so much more than a ‘have’…even when you get there.  Even if you dare touch it.  Because this dream is never about achieving, but about having something to hope for.  To have the one thing that you can never ever reach.  Because if you reach this dream, then you will search for another one.  Dreams are our enemy; dreams are our friend.

Think about the ones.  What happened to the ones that did not achieve their dreams?  Their most esteemed dreams.  The ones went on to a better life, away from here.  Away from you, away from me.  They will never know what would’ve been, if only they would have…

Life is fair, yet unfair.  Because we cannot get everything that we ever hoped for.  Because if we did, what would be the purpose of hope?  What if you could achieve every single dream that ever crossed your mind, soul, and heart?  Where would you place your hope?

You see?  I believe that dreams are the very thing that keeps you and I going forward.  Because we will never stop chasing our dreams.  Because we don’t know that we will never get there.  Because we don’t know that getting there, achieving the entirety of that dream would also mean the end of us.  Because the ones never intended for us to get there.  It was intended that we would dream up another dream so that we could hand it off to the next one.

What would you chase if not a dream?  Ask a next one.


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