I’m sorry…or am I?

“I’m sorry.”  One of the most overused phrases you can encounter.  What to they mean?  I am not sure, because they seem to always be said as a filler.  There are no emotions behind the phrase, it is hard to tell what is meant versus what is just used to be said.  Ultimately, the point of using the phrase is to achieve something.  That something is usually forgiveness.  

Forgiveness is a human need.  This is my personal opinion.  It is as needed as air, food, water, and other things.  To me, knowing how to forgive and ask for forgiveness are two things that keep people alive.  The baggage that comes from lack of forgiveness in any life is synonym of sickness and mess.  I speak from personal experience.  I have been offended before, yet I have offended back.  There have been times when I have offended just to be “nasty.”  In all of those times when I did offend, I noticed that I could not start thinking about it.

When you offend someone, they run around your mind endlessly.  Your mind tries to justify why you were right, where they were wrong, and there are times when you’ll even go as far as thinking of additional ways in which you could’ve offended further.  The problem is that:  this is not about being right.  Who cares if you were right or wrong?  Let’s simplify this:  if you were so right, then why are you still thinking about it?

I think that you continue to think about it because you wish things would have turned out different.  It’s like the child that begs for a toy over and over.  The parent does not respond, so the child throws a temper tantrum.  Finally, the parent gives in annoyingly.  The kid gets the toy, but nobody’s celebrating the toy.  I bet you that toy tastes like shit.

My point here is not to make you feel like a fart, and I am certainly not stating that you should allow others to run you over.  The purpose of this essay is to encourage you to study yourself a bit closer.  Are you sorry for something?  Or are you seeking out true forgiveness.  Ultimately, you are looking to have peace in your heart that, eventually, things will work out.

Cheer up.


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