So far, far away

Is it possible to feel so far that I have gone away?  It’s this strange feeling of feeling detached from the things that I thought I knew.  Did I truly know these things?  Are my mood swings betraying me to where I sense that I no longer know what I actually knew?  The mind is such a complicated place.  No:  it is a box full of tricks.  How can I explain this to you?

Ever feel like you knew things, yet had all of these unanswered questions about them?  Then again, you never asked the questions because they were either irrelevant or you simply didn’t care at all.  I’d like to call this perception.  Perceptions are an aspect of the personality that people feel they can trust; yet, what if I told you to be really careful?  Here’s the reason:  perceptions are influenced by your feelings and moods.  I still sense that it doesn’t matter how far I go in becoming increasingly real and authentic:  there will always be that little person in the back of my mind reminding me that I am not in charge.

Can I be so far, far away that I am complete gone?


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