Choices are a thing of mystery to me.  The reason why I find choices so miserably entertaining is because they are oftentimes the reason why we become so miserable.  I am speaking of any type of choice:  food, life changes, career issues, decisions, clothes, “what to wear to the party,” gift selections, Cheerios or Fruity Pebbles…you get it.

Choices bring with them an unseen 2-part problem.  The first problem is that without choices, we would complain about the lack of them.  The second problem is that with various choices, we may never be able to make a selection so…we complain for having so many of them.

There are other problems that can pile up on top of the two main issues that I presented.  Cultural background, gender, communication style, religious background (yes, I said it!), mood, and so forth are also aspects that may impact how individuals make decisions that lead to choices.  Nevertheless, I have a potential solution.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not about to give you the secret to life (which I personally recognize as Jesus…don’t laugh if you don’t believe…this is my blog–don’t censor me as I wouldn’t do that to you).  ANYWAY…I am going to give you a very simplistic way to make your choices; however,  I must warn you that you may completely dislike what I have to say.  On the flip side, I warned you about that when you were introduced to my blog so there.

Here’s my simplistic approach:  You already know what you want.  Oh stop disagreeing with me!  Yes, you do know what you want.  There’s a huge difference between being indecisive, or between two choices than not knowing at all.  You can even test what I am saying.  Let me give you a quick exercise; it is quite predictable but bare with me.  Let’s say you go to a fast food restaurant.  You get in line, wait your turn, and then finally you are right in front of the store attendant.  You are ready to order.  You give the attendant your order and she proceeds to ask:  “would you like your meal with soda or orange juice?”

STOP!  You already thought about what you want.  You either what you want, or you may think about it for a bit.  You may become indecisive; nevertheless, you did think of an answer.  You probably thought “I want soda, but orange juice is a bit healthier—I should go with the juice.”  Let’s say that you end up ordering the orange juice under the notion that it is somehow better than the Coca -Cola.  However, you can certainly pinpoint the time in which you thought about ordering the Coca-Cola.

I know this is a very simple exercise; nevertheless, the example provided you with a glimpse at how fast we tend to make decisions.  It is how fast we share those ideas that will communicate what we are asking for.  However, keep in mind that what we communicate is not always a reflection of what we actually want.  Either way, a choice takes place.  This is a very simplistic method of decision making, but it allows you to see how quick you are in making choices.

Do you want to make choices?  Put yourself in the above-mentioned exercise.  It will help you realize that making a choice is not as hard as we all think.



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