When we all agree

If we agree with everything each one of us says, does, and thinks…my sincere condolences:  you are dead.  Wanna come back to life?  A-R-G-U-E.  Not for the sake of arguing, but for your own sake.

I happen to think that debate, whether over simple or complicated subjects, is a matter of necessity.  How else would you know that there’s blood still flowing through your veins.  Look at the U.S. right now with the election issue…it is alive.  Hopefully you do not take this as me applauding the arguments that lead to violence and hatred.  That is not what this is about…no, no, no…bring yourself back.  Let’s not take ourselves too far out.

I am simply stating that if we are all agreeing with each other and do not learn the value of disagreement, then we are in for a rude awakening.  Thinking exactly alike never helped anyone.  Agreement does not effectuate change; nevertheless, disagreement leads to discussion which leads to the expansion of ideas…which leads to a changing world.  Wouldn’t you agree that a world without argument would be a boring world?  I think so…

“If everyone is thinking alike, then someone isn’t thinking.”  George S. Patton



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